February 1, 2021

10 Best iOS Call Blocker Apps To Block Annoying Calls On iPhone

The great thing about the iPhone is that it comes with a built-in call blocker. The iPhone’s default call blocker is capable of blocking calls. However, it lacks some features, and is not very advanced compared to some third-party applications such as Truecaller and others.

Having a default call blocker app for iOS can be a great option as it can help you with telemarketing calls, fraud and spam calls, blocking unknown callers, etc. The thing is that there are many call blocker apps available on the iOS App Store, which is a lot better than the default ones.

List of Best iOS Call Blocker Apps for making annoying calling calls on iPhone.

The default call blocker app for iOS does not provide us with the features that we find in any third party call blocker app. Therefore, we have decided to list some of the best call blocker apps for iPhone that you can use to block spam calls. So, see the list of best iPhone call blocker apps.

1 is Trucollar

TrucollarTrueCaller is the best caller recognition app for Android, also available for iOS users. In comparison to all other caller recognition apps, True Caller is more efficient. Millions of users use it now, and it uses a community-based spam list to identify and block spam and telemarketing calls. You can set True-Caller to block pre-defined numbers, or you can set the app to automatically block all spam calls.

2. Robocillar

RobocillarWell, Robociller is similar to the Trocolor app that was listed above. It uses a global database of 1.4 billion analyzed calls to protect you from known phone scams. The latest version of RoboKiller allows you to customize the call blocking feature. For example, you can now control how aggressive a robocylar should be when blocking unwanted or unknown phone numbers. In addition to blocked calls, Robocillar can also block spam messages.

3. Hia Caller ID and Block

Hia Caller ID and BlockAlthough not very popular, Hia is still an effective spam phone call blocker that you can use on your iPhone. The good thing is that Hiya Caller ID and Block automatically detects and blocks incoming spam and telemarketing calls. Apart from this, it also allows you to create a custom block list for auto-reject calls.

४. Shree Number Call Block and Lookup

Shree Number Call Block and LookupWell, if you are looking for a community-driven app, then Mr. Number Call Block and Lookup may be an excellent option for you. Guess what? Mr. Number Call Block and Lookup is one of the best and popular iOS call blocker app available on App Store. The application is known for rapid reverse lookup, and is operated by community members themselves

5. Sync.ME – Caller ID and Block

Sync.ME - Caller ID and BlockThis is one of the most exciting caller ID blocker that you can use on your iPhone. The great thing about Sync.ME is that it not only shows caller ID, but it also alerts you about spam calls. The interesting thing about Sync.ME is that it updates the pictures of your contacts linked to the social networking platform.

६. Whoscall – Caller ID and Block

Whoscall - Caller ID and BlockThe app is massively popular on the iOS App Store, and comes with a lot of exciting features. Like Truecaller, Whoscall identifies unknown calls. So, you will know who is calling you before taking the call. Apart from all these, Whoscall – Caller ID and Block is also known for its call blocking features. You can block any number and enjoy uninterrupted quality time.

Call Blocker: Block Spam Calls

Call Blocker: Block Spam CallsWell, this app is similar to the TrueColor app that was listed above. The great thing about Call Blocker: Stopping spam calls is that it has over 100,000 telephone numbers registered, and it can automatically tell you whether you are getting spam or telemarking calls. With Call Blocker: Block spam calls, you can block annoying calls in a few taps.


YouMailThis iPhone app helps you handle your phone calls better while protecting against spam and robocalls. Compared to all other caller ID apps, YouMail is slightly different. The app has won over a hundred awards for its unique voicemail and spam protection features. The best thing about YouMail is that it can automatically block robocalls and call them by playing a ‘number out of service’ greeting.

९. Call control

Call control is one of the best and top rated call blocker app available on iOS App Store. The application features a smart block technology to detect and intercept spammers, televisions and robocalls that call you. The application comes with an excellent interface, and it gives users more control over the call.

10. Simple call blocker

Simple call blockerAs the app name says, Simple Call Blocker is one of the lightweight and straightforward iPhone utility to block unwanted calls. In Simple Call Blocker, you can block either individual contacts or a range of contacts. Interestingly, Simple Call Blocker does not collect any personal information from users.

So, this is the best call blocker app for iPhone that you will like. If you think the list misses any of the required applications, please leave the name in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share this with your friends too.

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