February 11, 2021

10 Best Pixabay Alternatives To Get Free Stock Images

By the way, finding free high-quality stock photos is not an easy task. There are many sites available on the internet from where you can get free stock photos. However, on those sites, you can only see a limited number of pictures.

Talking about free stock photo websites, Pixabay without a doubt seems to be the best option. Pixbay maintains a huge database of free stock photos compared to other types of sites. There is no doubt that Pixabay is the sole protector for bloggers and social media managers to meet their image needs.

Best Pixabay Options To Get Free Stock Images

However, Pixabay is not the only site to get free stock photos. There are many other sites available from where you can download pictures for free. These stock images can be used for commercial purposes. In this article, we will list some of the best Pixabay options you can consider.

1 is Paxels

Pixabay OptionsThis is a very solid site for grabbing free stock images for online projects and advertisements. All images on Pexels were licensed under a Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. This means that you can use these pictures for commercial purposes as well. Compared to all other sites, Pexels has more content. Also, the photos were well tagged. Overall, Pexels is a great site for grabbing free stock images.

2. Napalash

NapalashOk, another excellent Pixby option on the list is Unplash to get free stock pictures for your blog or eCommerce project. The good thing about Unsplash is that it adds ten royalty-free photos every ten days. The images found on the site were so spectacular that they would easily fit into any part of an online blog or e-commerce store. However, the site can be difficult to access because the search function is relatively limited.

3. Flickr

Free stock photosWell, on Flickr, you can find both premium and free stock images. The free stock images that come with the Creative Commons license are listed on a separate side. The site has free stock images, which can be used for commercial purpose. The photos are sorted according to their nature, and you can find over 35 million downloadable pictures on the platform.

४. Frees up

Frees upFreeimage is another best free stock image website you can visit. Free images are often considered as the best pixabe option to get free stock pictures. The photographs are classified according to their nature, and all image materials are published under the CCO. Not only that, but the site also has an editor’s pick section, where it lists the most downloaded images.

5. Stocksapp

Download pictures from online websiteLike Freeimages, StockSnap also has a separate section in which it lists the trending image. The trending image section in StockSnap helps users choose images more quickly. The site is very popular among bloggers, social media managers, app developers. Almost every image you find on the site is free to download and distribute. Not only that, but if you create an account on Stocksnap, you can add images to bookmarks.

६. Gritography

Free images no copyright

Well, Gratography is another best alternative to Pixabay, which maintains a huge database of images. On Gratography, you can find lots of bizarre creative photos that you can download for free. In fact, the pictures are controlled by the team, and only high quality pictures are created on site.



Burst is another best website that offers stunning stock photos. This is one of the best websites where you can search for high quality free stock photos. The great thing about these stock photos is that they are free to use and distribute. Not only this, Shopify from Burst gets updates to its database at frequent intervals, and with each update, the site gets more new images.


Free images no copyrightWell, Librestock is a little different from all the others listed in the article. This is a website that scans and indexes the best free photos from the top stock images websites. This is a stock image aggregator site, from where you can discover new and free stock images for your project or eCommerce site. The user interface of the site is also quite amazing, and you will find a wide variety of stock pictures on the platform.

९. MorgueFile

MorgueFileIf you are looking for a stock image site that focuses more on quality images, MorgueFile may be the best site to visit. The great thing about MorgueFile is that it lists all images according to their category. Another best thing about MorgueFile is its interface, which looks clean and well organized. Almost all the photos you will find on MorgueFile are free to download.

10. FreeRangeStock


If you are looking for stock image websites for personal and commercial use, then FreeRangeStock may be the perfect pick for you. Guess what? FreeRangeStock offers a lot of quality images for users to download. However, on FreeRangeStock, users need to create a free account to download images. When it comes to images, FreeRangeStock has a wide range of quality images.

So, these are the best pixabe options you can consider. From these sites, you can download lots of free stock pictures. If you think we have missed an important website, please list it in the comment box below.

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