February 7, 2021

10 Best Xender Alternatives for Android in 2021

The Indian government has banned 59 apps including Xender. Xender used to be the best file sharing app for Android and iOS. Since it was banned in India, we have decided to share a list of the best Xander options for Android in 2021.

If you are reading tech news, you may know that recently the Indian government has banned 59 apps from Chinese companies as potential threats to national security. Some of the popular apps that India has banned are TicketLock, ShareIT, Xender, UC Browser etc.

All these apps were popular and used regularly by users. Therefore, sudden restrictions may cause most users to hang up. At Techviral, we have already shared most of the restricted applications like ShareIt Alternatives, TikTok Alternatives etc.

Today, we are going to share some of the best options of Xender. Xender is one of the major file-sharing apps available on the Play Store. But, due to the restriction, the app may soon stop working. Therefore, it is wise to establish its options as soon as possible.

List of 10 best Xander options for Android in 2021

All these apps can be used to share files between devices. So, let’s look at the best Xender option.

1 is Japya


If you are searching for an Android file transfer app that supports transfer to iOS, Android and other platforms, then Zapya may be the best pick for you. Like Xender, Zapya also includes forming groups and inviting others to join. Once joined, users can share files over WiFi.

2. Superbeam


If you’re looking for the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to share files between your devices, look for none other than Superbeam. It supports blazing-fast transfer speeds using WiFi Direct. In addition, the app also had the option to add devices that use NFC or QR code scanning.

3. Files by google

Files by google

Although it is a file manager app, files by Google get some file sharing features. With files by Google, you can share your pictures, videos, documents, applications, etc. with nearby devices. Like every other app, files by Google require users to connect all devices with the same WiFi network.

४. Airdroid


Well, AirDroid is another best Xender option in the list, which can be used to transfer all types of files across different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The good thing is that AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android from the PC platform. After connecting to the PC, you will receive calls, SMS and app notifications on the desktop.

5. in share

in share

Compared to Xender, inShare has much faster file sharing speed. With InShare, you can easily share photos, videos, music, Apk files across multiple Android devices. It also has a smart replication feature that can be used to transfer data from old phones to a new one.

६. easy share

easy share

Well, EasyShare is one of the best and leading file transfer tools available on the Google Play Store. Unlike Xender, EasyShare also has cross-platform support. This means that the app can transfer files to Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. There is no limit on file size, and it has a very simple user-interface.



If you are searching for an easy-to-use Android app that lets you easily exchange files with any computer, tablet, or smartphone, then Switch may be the best pick for you. With Sweet, you can easily share files across Wifi. Application is compatible with PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, etc.

Send anywhere

Send anywhere

This is another best Xender option in the list, allowing users to send files of any size safely. Since it allows you to transfer files via WiFi Direct, the file transfer speed is much faster than Xender. It also allows you to share files with multiple people at once via a link.

९. Japya go

Japya go

When it comes to the feature, it is much better than Xender. It is basically a private social platform that lets you stay in touch with your close friends without compromising your privacy. Along with offline file sharing, chat features are also encrypted in Zapia Go. On this app, you need to create / join groups to share or receive files.

10. XShare


This is another best Android file transfer app on the list that uses WiFi to transfer files within Android devices. According to the Play Store listing, XShare is about 200 times faster than Bluetooth. With this app, you can share music, videos, photos, data files etc.

So, these are the ten best Xender options for Android in 2021. I hope this article helped you! Can you share it with your friends too?

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