February 7, 2021

10 Best Xposed Modules for Customizing Your Android in 2021

There is no doubt that Android is a highly customizable mobile operating system. If you have a rooted Android device, you can also control Android from its root. There are a lot of customization applications available for Android, but the XPred framework is often recommended for rooted devices.

For those unaware, the XPred framework is the most important tool for Android tweaks and customization. It is a framework that uses modules to extend the features of the Android mobile operating system. Similarly, there are a lot of modules available for XPedos that can be used for Android customization.

List of the best Xposed modules to customize your Android

In this article, we will share some of the best Xposed modules to customize your Android device. If you already have a rooted device and want to install Xposed Framework, you can read this article – How to install Xposed Framework in Android (2 ways). So, let’s explore the list.

1. Gravity Box

GravityboxGravityBox is one of the best Xposed modules for Android smartphones. The module brings a set of tools to modify and enhance Android’s user interface. Compared to other Xposed modules for customization, GravityBox is relatively easy to install and use. You can use Gravitybox to customize navigation bars, LED notifications, status bars, and more. In addition, you can enable and test some experimental features of Android.

2. ChromeP

ChromiWant to add a fun touch to Google Chrome for Android? You have to try ChromePie. This is an Xposed module that makes the Chrome browser more useful. It brings one-handed mode features to phones with larger screens. Once enabled, ChromePE adds pie type controls to the Chrome browser, putting tab switching, bookmarks, history, etc. within easy reach of your thumb.

3. No Lock Home

No lock homeWell, if you have been using Android smartphone for some time, then you may know that Android has some smart lock features that can unlock your phone in certain time or situations. For example, your screen will not turn off as long as the GPS feature is active. Similarly, No Lock Home is a smart lock feature that keeps your phone unlocked when connected to a particular WiFi network.

4. XuiMod

XuiModIt is one of the best and top rated Xposed modules for optimization. It brings the combined features of many custom ROMs. With XuiMod, you can easily customize status bars, navigation bars, battery meters, etc., but it also allows users to play with animations as well. So, XuiMod is another best Xposed module for optimization.

5. XP Privacy

Xp privacyOk, if you have a rooted device and are already using the XPred framework, you need to install the XP privacy module right now. You can use XP Privacy to prevent a specific application from accessing certain information. This is a module for managing application permissions, but is a bit advanced and is used to block access to emails, sensors, shell commands, media, and more.

6. Advanced Power Menu +

Advanced Power Menu +This is one of the best and most advanced power menu customizers that you can use on Android. With Advanced Power Menu +, you can easily add, delete, or restart Power Menu items such as reboot options, shutdown options, and more. In addition, the Xposed module can be used to add useful functions to the power menu such as screenshot buttons, WiFi. Buttons, Screen Recorder, Boot in Recovery, Boot in Safe Mode, etc.

7. Greenery

To beatGreenify is an Android app that works with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. If you have installed Xposed, you can install the Greenify module to maximize the battery savings of the Android operating system. It automatically detects and puts abused Android apps in hibernation mode when you are not using them. This, in turn, prevents your device from lag and increases its speed.

8. Minmingard

MinmingardThis is an ad-blocker Xposed module that you can use now. Unlike all other ad blockers, which only remove ads, but maintain ad frames, MinMinGuard removes the entire ad frame, leaving no space in between. To block ads, you can either choose different apps or enable auto adblocking on everything.

9. XBlast Tools

XBlast ToolsIf you are searching for an exposed module to customize your Android smartphone, Xblast Tools may be the best pick for you. Guess what? With XBlast Tools, you can easily customize your navigation bar, status bar, etc. Not only that, but XBlast Tools can also be used to customize volume buttons, carrier labels, gradient colors, etc., so , XBlast Tools is one. Best Xposed Module 2019 that you can use now.

10. XposedNavigationBar


As the app name says, XposedNavigationBar is an Xposed module designed to customize Android’s navigation bar. With XposedNavigationBar, you can easily customize the bottom area of ​​your Android’s screen where the Back, Home, and Recent buttons appear. What makes XposedNavigationBar more unique and useful, it lets you add additional shortcuts to the navigation bar like a power button.

So, these are the best Expedited modules that you can use to customize your Android smartphone. If you know any other such modules, let us know in the comment box below.

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