January 29, 2021

Android 12 Update: Might Bring In-depth Theming System that can Recolor Apps

There are many rumors going ahead of the developer preview of Android 12. Android 12 has got some news once again on one In-Deputy Theming System That is the ability to re-operate apps.

Android 12 will let you make your phone more colorful

Android 12 thiming system will make apps more colorful

Google is working on a theming system that gives users Change the primary color and accent color of the system’s UI Can do more invert colors Third party Apps.

Currently, transfer between light and dark themes is the only way to change the UI and the look of apps. However, the Pixel phone has got much more than this as it allows customizing the accent colors in the Quick Settings area.

However, the latest reports on Android 12 say that Google is mainly focusing on theming systems in the upcoming OS. The primary color that has been changed will reflect in the background of Quick Settings and on the notification shade. 9to5Google has made a rough mockup of the theming system.

Android 12 will let you make your phone more colorful

The theming system in Android 12 will differ from brand to brand as manufacturers offer their own custom colors. In addition, it will not let you design your own color scheme. The color chosen by the user may be reflected inside the application, but only if the developers support them.

Apps on Android 10 or later can change the system to light or dark mode. Nevertheless, it depends on the apps how their theme should be. Some developers have chosen dark gray or dark blue. So, if you noticed that the darker color is sometimes different.

Apart from this, it is also said that Android 12 can suggest themes based on your wallpaper. This means, when you choose a new wallpaper, your system can easily change.

Android 12 is still in early development, so it is possible for Google to remove the new theming system before launch. But, after watching the Android 12 developer preview, we can know more.

Apart from this, we have also seen some features that can bring double-tap on Android 12 back gestures, App Pair feature, Restricted Networking mode, Near Share and more.

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