February 12, 2021

Google Search Engine to Get Dark Mode Feature Soon

Google is testing Dark mode feature For this Search Engine on Desktop. This is the second time Google has been found testing Dark Mode. Earlier, in December, Google was spotted testing the feature.

To roll out the Dark Mode feature for Google desktop search engine

To roll out the Dark Mode feature for Google desktop search engine

According to The Verge, Google is testing the feature for selected users. Users who received the feature were able to change Google’s background.

Google has confirmed the testing of the new feature, and said,

“We’re always testing new ways to improve our experience for our users, but there’s nothing special to announce right now.”

Some users have received a Notice on Windows and Mac to try the new Dark Mode for Google. According to reports, the user will get the option to set the theme Google Light, Dark and System Defaults. From these options, if you select System Defaults, the theme will be similar to your computer.

However, the Dark Theme for Google app is already available for Android devices, and now the company is working to get the feature on the desktop.

There are reports that the multi-colored Google logo will turn white as soon as the user turns on the feature. The microphone will be seen the same way. And when you search for anything, the fonts will appear in white and the link will only appear in blue.

One report states,

“The white background switches to a dark gray color that matches the first-party mobile application. Google’s logo is white rather than multi-colored – although the microphone icon is unchanged, while the gray outline of the search field is reversed. Usually colored icons representing different filters (all, pictures, news, etc.) are just blue in which the tab accent color is the same ”.

Earlier, Google had rolled out Google Pay App, Google Translate, Docs, Google Chrome for desktop and others in dark mode. If you want to use Dark Mode, you can use the extension Dirk Razor on Chrome, it will help you to apply Dark Theme to Google as well as other websites.

However, most popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram already have the Dark Mode feature.

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