January 24, 2021

How to Enable/Disable Startup Sound in Windows 10

So far, there are many operating systems available for desktop computers and laptops. However, out of all of them, it was Windows 10 that was popular. Many Windows users have already moved to Windows 10 because Microsoft stopped the update for Windows 7.

If you have just switched to Windows 10, you may know that the operating system does not play any startup sound. Earlier versions of Windows were famous for their startup sounds, but Windows 10 does not miss out on startup sound.

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Steps to enable / disable startup in Windows 10

Although Windows 10 does not play a startup sound by default, this does not mean that you cannot enable it on your computer. You can enable Windows 10 startup sounds with just a few clicks.

In this article, we will share a detailed guide on how to enable / disable startup sound in Windows 10 computers. So, let’s check out.

1. Using Sound Settings

You can use Windows 10’s sound settings to enable / disable startup sound. Just follow some simple steps given below.

step 1. First, right-click the volume icon on the taskbar. From the right-click menu, select ‘Seems like.’

Select 'Sounds'.

stage 2. In Sound Settings, click on ‘Seems like’ Tab.

Click on the 'Sound' tab

step 3. Under Program Events, select the checkbox next to ‘Play Windows Startup Sound’ the option.

Select the checkbox next to the 'Play Windows Startup Sound' option

step 4. Once done, click ‘Applicable’ Button on ‘Alright.’

Click on the 'Apply' button then 'OK'.

Step 5. To disable startup sound, Uncheck The ‘Windows startup sound play’ the option.

this is the matter! You are done. You can enable or disable startup sound in Windows 10.

2. Using the Local Group Policy Editor

If you are using a pirated version of Windows 10, you may not be able to access the sound settings. Therefore, you may prefer to follow this method instead. However, the method shared below only works on Windows 10 Pro version.

step 1. First, open Windows Search and search ‘Daud’. Open the Run dialog box from the list of options.

Open the run dialog box from the list of options

stage 2. In the RUN dialog box, type ‘gpedit.msc’ And press the Enter button.

Type 'gpedit.msc' and press enter button

step 3. On the Local Group Policy Editor, head to the following path-

Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesSystemLogon

Track path

step 4. On the right pane, double click On ‘Turn off windows startup sound’ the option.

Double click on 'Turn off Windows Start Sound' option

Step 5. Now select on the next popup window ‘capable’ or ‘Disabled’ Depending on your choice. If you select ‘Enabled’, Windows 10 will not play the startup sound. To play the sound, select ‘Disable’.

Choose 'Enabled' or 'Disabled' depending on your preference.

Step 6. Once done, click ‘Alright’ Close the button and the Local Group Policy Editor.

Click on the OK button

this is the matter! You are done. You can enable / disable the startup sound using the Local Group Policy Editor.

So, this article is about how to enable or disable startup sound on a Windows 10 computer. I hope this article helped you! Please share this with your friends too. If you have any doubts related to this, please let us know in the comment box below.

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