February 3, 2021

How to Setup Microsoft’s Your Phone app to Connect Your Phone to PC

With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a lot of changes. The biggest change you will see is the new Start menu. Microsoft has introduced many important features such as an advanced Windows Defender, a new photo app, your phone app, and more on all other visual changes.

In this article, we will talk about your phone app of Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft’s Your Phone app brings integration between Android and Windows, allowing users to share data between the two devices in just a few clicks.

Your phone app is limited to Android devices only in the initial stage, but now iPhone users can also use your phone app from Windows 10. With your phone app, users can access the most recent photos, send text messages, and even make phone calls on a connected phone.

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Steps to setup Microsoft’s own phone app to connect your phone to PC

Setting up your phone application can be a complicated process, but once you’re done with the setup, a detailed guide to using and setting up your phone app to sync data between your PC and phone This artis article is very easy to use for sharing. Let’s check out

step 1. First, click on Windows Search and search ‘your phone’. Now open your phone app from the list.

Click on windows search and find 'your phone'

stage 2. Now you have to link your phone to your PC. For that, choose your smartphone operating system. Here we have chosen ‘Android.’

Pick up your smartphone

step 3. Now open and install Google Play Store on Android Your phone partner App.

Install your phone companion app

step 4. On the next screen, tap on ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ Options and login with your Microsoft account. Be sure to login with the same Microsoft account used in your phone’s desktop app.

Tap on 'Sign in to Microsoft' option

Step 5. Once done, you will be asked to grant some permissions. Tap on ‘Continue’ Grant buttons and permissions.

AP on 'Continue' button

Step 6. Tap on it now ‘My PC is ready’ Options in mobile app.

Tap on 'My PC is ready' option

Step 7. Once done, the phone will be immediately linked to the desktop app. Now you can manage yourself SMS, notification, photos.

Now you can manage your SMS, notification, photos

Step 8. You can navigate the functionality of your phone from the left pane. The right pane will display messages, photos and notifications.

Now you can manage your SMS, notification, photos

this is the matter! You are done. This is how you can set up and use your phone app on Windows 10.

This article is about how to set up and use your phone app on Windows 10.. If you have any doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share this with your friends too.

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