February 7, 2021

YTS Alternatives: 10 Best Torrent Sites To Visit in 2021

Over the past few years, we have seen popular torrenting sites such as Kickass Torrents, Extratorants, Torrentz, etc. These days the government is vigorously trying to prevent people from visiting a torrent site. It does not matter how hard they work; They cannot prevent every torrent users from visiting the sites.

Although most torrent sites have been shut down by the authority, some have managed to avoid a massive torrent ban. Sites such as 1337x, The Pirate Bay, YTS, etc. still exist, and are now considered kings in the torrent.

If we talk about YTS, it is one of the popular torrent sites known for movies and TV shows. However, the site was kept offline for the duration. If you have visited YTS and found that the site is offline, then you need to consider its options.

YTS Options: 10 Best Torrent Sites to Visit

In this article, we are going to share some of the best YTS options to get movie content. So, let’s check out the best YTS alternative torrent sites.

1. 1337X

1337X is

Both the 1337x and YTS have a similar interface. However, on the content front, Excel 1337x. Instead of focusing only on video content, 1337x provides you with games, softwares, ISO files, and other file types. If we talk about video content, you will get tons of TV, TV shows, anime series etc. on the platform. The user interface is very clean, and is the best YTS option you can see today.


RARBGRARBG is very popular, probably more than YTS. The site still has an old-school interface that looks old. However, the design of the old school makes the site fast and easy to navigate. From movies to softwares you will find every content type on the site. Ads are the only downside of the site as it shows a lot of pop-ups and banner ads which is quite annoying.

3. EasyTV

EZTVIf you are looking for a torrent site that focuses only on video content, then EZTV may be the best pick for you. The great thing about EZTV is that it has tons of video torrent content. You can find video content like latest movies, latest TV series, music videos etc. on stage.

4. Torrenthounds

Torrent houndsWell, TorrentHounds is another popular torrent site in the list known for its massive database of torrent content. The great thing about TorrentHounds is that it has lots of unique torrent files. You can find almost all downloadable files on TorrentHounds and one of its best torrent websites, which you can view now.

5. Sidepier

seed PeerSeedPier is perhaps the best torrent site on this list, mostly known for its great user interface and extensive collection of torrents. Guess what? SidePier’s interface is quite amazing and it lists popular and new torrents on the homepage. Not only this, but the site also organizes every torrent according to its categories.

6. IsoHunt

IsoHuntIf you are looking for the right YTS alternative to download torrent files, IsoHunt may be the next best option for you. The great thing about IsoHunt is its huge database of torrent content. If we talk about torrent files, IsoHunt has many unique torrents to offer movies, games, softwares, etc.

7. Pirate Bay

Pirate bayWhen it comes to the best torrent sites, nothing seems to beat Pirate Bay. It seems to be the best choice of YTS for downloading movies, music, PDF and software. Compared to all other torrent sites on the list, The Pirate Bay has a more active user base. The site is known for its simplicity, and has millions of torrent content. However, you still need to use the VPN service to unblock the site in many areas.

8. Lime

Limiting actionWell, if you are searching for a torrent website that has a clean interface and that contains torrent files, then you have to try LimeTorrents. Guess what? LimeTorrents is one of the best and top rated websites on the list that you can watch for downloading movies, TV shows, games, software and more. If we talk specifically about movie content, the site has a lot of the latest movies and TV shows.

9. Torlock


Torlock claims itself to be one of the safest torrent sites on the Internet. According to the site owner, TorLock only contains verified content. This means that all torrents hosted on th sites were manually checked for viruses and malware. If so, Torlock is the best torrent site in 2021. Torlock also covers every torrent category such as movies, TV shows, games, software, etc.

10. Torrent Project

Torrent project

If you are searching for a torrent website to download only verified files, then you need to visit the Torrent project now. Torrent Project is basically a torrent search engine site that captures popular and trending torrents from various different sites. On the Torrent project you will find a lot of movies, TV shows, games, softwares etc.

So, these are some of the best YTS alternative you can watch right now. If you know any other sites like these, let us know in the comment box below.

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